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People will put their hearts and souls into engagement rings this year.

Uniqueness has been a common theme; from spectacular gemstones to meaningful stories behind design choices. Whether bespoke or bought from a big-brand jeweller, consumers have gravitated towards rings with a difference.

Traditional engagement rings are by no means dwindling, but a large portion of proposers are becoming more adventurous with their choices, leading to a rise in completely unique, one-off styles. “People want something cool and modern that doesn’t have such a conventional connotation attached to it,”.

On the topic of uniqueness, “fancy shapes” are trending in America and Europe. We have seen a growing interest in “timeless and elegant” cuts, where Oval, Asscher and Emerald cuts are very popular.

At NBDIAMONDS we have invested in these shapes as we see demand growing. so you know where to come if you have any requests.

We Expect to see more eye-catching multi-stone rings in 2023. in the last year clients made way for unusual combinations – “not your traditional three-round diamond but multi-cut side stones such as half moons, trapezoids, baguettes and hearts on either side of a coloured stone,”. As these have become more popular we have expanded our ranges in loose pairs in such shapes or ready MADE IN THE UK ranges of rings.

Also to make note the jewellery market as a whole has also experienced an unprecedented desire also for colour. People invested in mood-boosting jewels for themselves during the pandemic – sales for pick-me-up pieces skyrocketed – and engagement rings are becoming more colourful, too. “Clients have definitely become braver when it comes to choosing a coloured engagement ring,”

We want to take this opportunity to wish all our loyal clients a prosperous 2023. We are here to help you expand and grow to stay on trend for this year so please contact ups for more information.


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