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This is our top team....


WE STARTED NBDIAMONDS in order to spend more time together as a couple, as well as a family.

We are a family-run business and fourth generation in the jewellery industry.

Q&A Nathaniel Bendayan - Director NBDIAMONDS

Q. Have you always been in the jewellery trade, tell us a little about your history

  • Growing up jewellery was in my blood, it was my family trade internationally for decades. My earliest memories as a child are of my father showing me catalogues of Italian designs and discussing with him the intricate elements that go in to the creation and assembly of each piece. From as young as 7 I was amazed and intrigued by the industry. After student life at Central St martins, I went on to work within the wholesale jewellery trade for over 15 years, largely with other key players in the wholesale market and have built up much of my experience and knowledge of the industry that has really laid the foundation and paved the way to taking the step to begin NB Diamonds, my own family business. Now as our business enters our 7th year trading we can see how this was the right choice at the right time. 


Q. Where did the motivation come from to setup NB Diamonds

  • Around the time I decided to start NB Diamonds there were many personal life changes taking place. My mother had not long passed away and we had had our first child. It was time for us to think ahead to what the future would hold for us as a family and to create something that would be a legacy as well as enabling a balance with work within family life. 


Q. What do you like most about what you do. 

  • There is nothing mundane about working with diamonds. Each day brings with it a new challenge, whether it be to source specific diamonds for a client, create an intricate bespoke piece, or utilising my own creative flair to master exquisite ranges with diamonds from around the world. But what really brings the most satisfaction is speaking with our clients daily and building wonderful relationships that allow us to fulfil orders and requests of every kind and know that we are bringing our clients the level of service and satisfaction that we want to be known for.

Q. What's your most memorable moment

  • our very first sale trading as NB Diamonds has been a proud and memorable moment. It was from that instance we witnessed the visualisation coming into fruition, it was knowing then and there that this was the start of something special. We relied upon the trust and relationships with those first clients who took a leap of faith in us in those very early days, and it is those  clients who we have to thank for where we have reached now. We consider these clients more than friends now, they are like family to us. 


Q. Most people take some time out at weekends, what do you get up to or are you working

  • there is nothing we cherish more than the family time at weekends and holidays. We all work very hard, and of course take calls all hours of the day and every day of the week but spending a Sunday out as a family together, be it at the park or visiting friends, we know these are moments we only live once. 


Q&A - Natalie Bendayan - Finance Director 

Q. Customer satisfaction is one of the key elements of your branding, it seems a little more important than just a statement, explain where the drive has come from for this. 

  • customer satisfaction and a personalised service is something that to us goes beyond the jewellery trade. Growing up as a child, it is something that was instilled in me as a family value, having respect and showing kindness to all those around me. And so this is something I want to incorporate into the ethos of our business and branding. Everyone begins somewhere, as we did somewhere small. The importance of giving over not just the time but the focus and same level of service to any company no matter how small will reap its own rewards. If I can ensure I have not only assisted our clients with finding the right products but also walk away feeling they have had a friendly and warm service then we have achieved all we have set out to.


Q. Have you noticed a change in buying patterns recently

  • when it comes purchasing of and investment in higher end fine jewellery and stones, diamonds are a sound and safe place offering good longevity of value and luxury that is tantamount to any other secure expenditure. There are many clients and customers on the market who do have the capital to spend and diamonds offer more than just security but an added bonus of exuberance. Having said that we see on the flip side where the lower end of the market is showing a struggle. There is speculation globally of economic challenges ahead and of course that puts pause on liberal consumer spending. We can only hope that on the horizon for 2023 will be some stability and with that will see a lift in the high street retail sector of the trade. 


Q. What do you think is going to be a must for Christmas 2022

  • Christmas always sees a rise in demand for unique and bespoke pieces as every consumer is out searching for that one rare and exclusive gift. And to that effect we have sourced and created some showstoppers that will attract and wow passers by. Parallel to that we are stocking a new collection of Lab grown pieces that have become increasingly popular and will help facilitate sales within the tighter budget ranges offering value to clients this Christmas 

Q. Do you have a last order date for Christmas or will you be supplying right up to the big day.


  • NB diamonds is our family business and as such we put our hearts and souls into every order. We will always aim to deliver even on short notice and we are fortunate enough to have an in-house workshop and offer bespoke pieces made up within 2-3 weeks. For our core ranges we take orders 5-6 weeks before Christmas and this also gives us a window of time to make any adjustments or alterations to pieces as well as offer varying carat sizes and metals. We are blessed to have a wonderful team who really work very hard for our clients to ensure items are made up and sent out with often very short deadlines. And we would like to thank each and every one of them for their dedication. 


Q. How many years have you worked in the jewellery sector and how did you get into the industry?

I have worked in the industry for 8 years. I started out by managing a pawnbroker, where I was buying and selling jewellery and loose diamonds. I was also evaluating and loaning money against these evaluations which gave me a deep intricate knowledge of jewellery and diamond values. 


Q. What’s the first thing you do when you get into work in the morning?

First and foremost, I start with the most important part of my day. Coffee. Following this, I plan my day ahead with what needs to be done, what else can I do in terms of outreach and building new clients, and of course catching up with existing clients.

Q. What’s your most memorable moment in the industry to date?

My most memorable moment in the industry would be when I closed a £35,000 sale within 5 minutes of sitting with a customer. I would love to share more information on that but I do take client confidentiality very seriously!

Q. What do you most enjoy about working in the industry?

I really enjoy how every day is unpredictable and I never know what new and exciting project is waiting for me around the corner. Plus, diamonds really fascinate me. 

Q. What’s the most difficult part of your job?

Walking up the stairs when the lift is out of order is likely the hardest part of the job (we are on the 4thfloor)!

Q.What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Never say no” always find a way to make something work, no matter how big, small or complicated the task can be.

Q. Which other company or brand (inside or outside the industry) do you most admire and why?

Jacob & Co. This watch brand has the workmanship intricacy that I very much admire and their differentiation stands out against any other brand. 

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