Ethical Sourcing

We are very serious about our responsibility to ensure that the diamonds we stock at NBDiamonds are ethically and responsibly sourced, and that they are genuinely natural and untreated diamonds.


Two issues have threatened the integrity of the world’s diamond stocks in the past. First, there has been the issue of ‘blood’ or ‘conflict diamonds’, which are illegally traded to fund conflict in war-torn areas, particularly in central and western Africa. The diamond trade has also encountered manufactured/man made diamonds, which are chemically the same as natural diamonds but are not the same product at all.

We have established checks with our suppliers to make sure that guarantees can be given to our diamond supply that all our diamonds are natural and all come from approved mines.

Therefore, we guarantee that the diamonds we sell are exclusively of natural origin (formed and grown under natural and geological processes) and untreated, based on personal knowledge or written guarantees provided by our suppliers.

We also guarantee the diamonds we sell have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. We guarantee they are conflict free, again based on personal knowledge or written guarantees provided by our suppliers. We will not knowingly sell conflict diamonds, and to the best of our ability, we will undertake reasonable measures to help prevent the sale of conflict diamonds. (This of course relates to goods originating after the 2003 establishment of the Kimberley Process Certification scheme.)

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